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Social Media and Group Chats

An estimated one-third of children have a social media account, so it’s important that trusted adults know what content young people are consuming; what they’re posting; and what interactions they’re having. 


We might be daunted by the scale of the tech giants and their content which enthrals young people, but we can still help children to be mindful of their mental wellness: recognising when something isn’t OK … and knowing what to do about content that upsets them.

Information On Popular Social Media Sites and Group Chats

Guides to using Social Media

Social Media Scams

On any social media platform, you’ll often come across links to genuine-looking websites. They might publicise an exclusive offer for one of your favourite shops or invite you to complete a quiz in return for a particular reward. In some cases, however, clicking on these links takes you to a fake website where you are asked to provide your personal details. In these instances, the whole enterprise is a ploy to capture sensitive information, such as your email address and password, which the scammers then exploit at your expense.

Online Bullying on Social Media Sites