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Clean Green World

"I think that we should always pick up our rubbish." (Jayse, EYFS)


"Recycling is good because we can use things again and again." (Pippa, Year 1)

"I put paper and card in the blue rubbish bin because it can be made into other stuff." (Max, Year 1)


"Plastic can be bad because it hurts animals." (Amber, Year 2)

"When rubbish goes into rivers it looks bad and damages the environment." (Heidi, Year 2)


"We should buy food that is Fair Trade because you know farmers have been treated well." (Jay, Year 3)

"If we eat meat we should make sure the animals come from a nice farm." (Harry, Year 3)


"If we walk and ride our bikes more we can help stop climate change." (Rayez, Year 4)

"There are other ways of making electricity like wind and the sun." (Willow, Year 4)


"If we don't buy meat from South America there might be less farms so less forests will be cut down." (Fraser, Year 5)

"I am sad that species of animal are becoming extinct. We can help this by stopping deforestation." (Holly, Year 5)


"Waste plastic can pollute the ocean thousands of miles away from where it starts." (Ava, Year 6)

"There are other materials that we can make stuff out of instead of plastic - like card or bamboo." (Alex, Year 6)

Curriculum Progression & Key Themes