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Learning Detectives and Learning Ambassadors

Meet our Learning Detectives and Learning Ambassadors

Learning Detectives

The Learning Detectives feedback to senior leaders about their recent learning walk

Look at some examples of what our Learning Detectives do!

Autumn 1 2024

The Learning Detectives discussed their findings from their environmental learning walks with the senior leaders at school.  The children told the leaders that they were extremely proud of the way in which children were focused on their learning within classes, the way the children were carrying out our norms and values and that the children in all year groups were engaged and enthused by the learning taking place. How wonderful to hear! The Learning Detectives  also discussed areas they felt could be better and have asked the phase leaders to talk to their teams and put these into action before their next learning walk.


Spring 1 2024

This term we have joined up with Victoria Community school. We have had the pleasure of welcoming the staff from this school to take a look at our environment before but now we want to involve the children. So, 13 children visited and heard from our Year 6 representatives spoke about how our environment helps them with their learning and how it reflects our values. The Victoria team then had the opportunity to ask questions, make observations and start to action plan. We are looking forward to our visit to them when we see how they are getting on and help their journey further. In fact they are more than excited!

Spring 2 2024

The Learning Detectives have been busy this week carrying out a learning walk to make the links between our Global Curriculum and British Values. They wanted to be sure that our displays reflected the close links we make between our values, those of Transform, British Values and the curriculum which really develops them as future citizens. Come and follow our pupils journey and spot the British Values hearts.



What our learning detectives have been looking at.