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Learning Detectives and Learning Ambassadors

Meet our Learning Detectives and Learning Ambassadors

Learning Detectives

The Learning Detectives feedback to SLT about their recent learning walk

A very successful first meeting with SLT on Tuesday. 

The Learning Detectives discussed with their findings from the learning walk with SLT. 

The children told SLT that were extremely proud of the way in which children were focused on their learning within classes, the children were carrying out our norms and values and that the children in all year groups were engaged and enthused by the learning taking place. 


The Learning Detectives also discussed areas they felt could be better and asked the phase leaders to talk to their teams and put these into action before their next learning walk. 


I am very proud of all of the Learning Detectives and I know they will go from strength to strength as the year goes on. 

What will the Learning Detectives be looking for in 2022-2023?