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At Lawn we recognise that good behaviour is a necessary condition for learning that everyone stands to benefit from.


‘Pupils can learn; teachers can teach; staff can do their job and parents have the confidence that their child is safe and supported to do the best they can.’ Ofsted 2019.


Our behaviour for learning policy is underpinned with the ethos and understanding that children learn what good behaviours are and why they are important. This links closely with our Rights Respecting School status.

Through a positive approach towards behaviour, we aim to create a calm, emotionally safe environment in which children can develop a sense of responsibility for their own behaviour and adopt a lifelong sense of consideration for others. Alongside this vision we also adopt an approach that provides a framework for the children to understand the rights and responsibilities they hold within their own school and the community.

As humans, when we feel safe, we are more likely to explore and be curious about the world around us and this enables us to learn. With this in mind we aim to create the optimum environment where children and staff feel safe through predictability and consistent routines and rules, including rewards and any consequences.

Our core values are supported by our ‘learning nutrients’ which are designed to develop positive learning behaviours. We focus on a different ‘learning nutrient’ each half term and children are rewarded for demonstrating their progress with these.