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Partnership With Parents

We believe that a genuine partnership between parents and the school is central to pupils achieving their best.  We encourage dialogue through homework, Reading Record Books, KS2 planners and informal discussion between teachers and parents. There are lots of opportunities for communication and also a range of events on the school calendar where families and staff get together socially e.g. Sports Days, Christmas and Summer Fairs.


All schools are required to have a Home School agreement, which promotes a positive and productive partnership, helping parents to support their children and enabling the children to achieve more.


The agreement states:

the school’s responsibilities to pupils

the parents’ responsibilities to the school

the school’s expectations of our pupils

Parents and children are invited to sign the document.


Parent Support

We welcome and value parents’ help in school, whether they have a specific talent or skill or can assist with more general activities. Parent involvement can include listening to children read, helping with cooking, gardening and DT, library and computer skills, or accompanying educational visits. If parents wish to help in school, they must hold a current DBS clearance, which is simple to organise and can be applied for via the school office.


Communication school to parents

We communicate with parents in a variety of different ways:

Email - for general administrative information e.g. letters, special events, school trips, newsletters.

School Website - for insight into school life and diary dates

Meet the teacher evenings at the end of term

Parent consultations - each term

Class dojo - school or class stories

Social media - Twitter and Facebook feeds about what is going on in school on a daily basis.

Annual School report - sent out in the summer term

Text message - for short quick reminders.


Communication parents to school

Teachers are happy to receive brief messages in the playground at the beginning of the day. Parents can also email their class teacher directly or leave a message about their child with the school office. If parents would like a longer discussion with the class teacher, they can do so at the end of the day, ideally with a pre-organised appointment.