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The relevance of teaching good handwriting is sometimes questioned in the modern age where the word processor is a valued tool, but good teaching of handwriting is just as important in these days of advanced technology as it has ever been.  The need to create things of beauty will never leave the human mind and nothing will ever beat that feeling of personal triumph when we look at a completed task achieved with our own hands.


It is not necessary to judge whether technology or handwriting has the greater value, because they should exist side-by-side and in harmony with each being used appropriately.


When taught effectively, handwriting is where children will see the biggest change and fastest improvement in their work; progress they are able to see, feel and enjoy.  Through our programme of teaching handwriting, we see those rewards reaped in a very short time span, giving the children something immediate.  Self esteem and motivation levels rise which in turn influences children’s attitudes to learning in other subjects.  It also plays a part in their personal development because care, pride, concentration and perseverance are required qualities.


Good handwriting needs self-discipline, skill and quality teacher input and it gives the reader a favourable impression of the work in front of them before they read the first three words.


At Lawn Primary School we follow a programme of regular handwriting lessons systematically, ensuring that letters are initially well formed and then well joined, all the while being of the correct size.  We find that doing a little and doing it often is the key, but there are many other important ‘jigsaw pieces’ to fit in place, such as good quality writing tools and correct body posture. 


The handwriting style used by Lawn Primary School is based on a semi-cursive style.  It is simplistic but very clear and it does not have the ‘loops’ or ‘lead-ins’ which are features of more complex handwriting styles.


The style taught is relatively simple to teach and learn.  However, like all handwriting styles, it is only as good as the way it is taught.  By sharing these videos with our families, you can see and hear the strategies, vocabulary and techniques used during teaching and learning handwriting at our school.

Our Handwriting Scheme


'Achieving Excellence in Handwriting' by Martin Harvey and Debbie Watson

Handwriting Line Guides - please ask your child's teacher if you'd like them to bring some line guides home for practising on.