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Global Citizenship

Whilst the concept of Global Citizenship weaves throughout much of what we do at Lawn, topics linking with the Oxfam themes are taught explicitly within three whole school themes within our Autumn 1, Spring 1 and Summer 1 half terms. These encompass our whole school intent and contain cross-curricular links to PSHE (diversity and communities), history and geography.   


Topics that are taught under the whole school theme of ‘We Are All Unique’ focus on issues pertaining to identity and diversity, e.g. similarities and differences between oneself and others; self-identity and belonging; cultural diversity and the nature of prejudice. 


Topics that are taught under the whole school theme of ‘Clean Green World’ focus on issues pertaining to sustainable development and globalisation and interdependence, e.g. recycling, sustainable food, wildlife conservation and the impact of deforestation. 


Topics that are taught under the whole school theme of ‘Freedom & Equality’ focus on issues pertaining to civil rights and social justice and equity, e.g. what fairness and respect mean; refugees in Britain; how rights for women and children have evolved; the Windrush generation, human migration and how diversity has shaped the modern Britain.


Our progression documents outlining knowledge, understanding and skills for the Oxfam Themes can be viewed below along with a document outlining the high quality texts we use to bring our topics to life. You can also view our year group specific progression documents outlining key knowledge for each of the three whole school themes.