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Design & Technology

We believe that Design and Technology knowledge and skills are crucial in providing children with the tools to be able to question and explore the impacts of Design and Technology on the world and on quality of life. It allows them to develop the creative, technical and practical expertise needed to perform everyday tasks confidently and to participate successfully in an increasingly technological world.

Our children are encouraged to analyse ethical and sustainability issues in food systems, and social, economic, environmental and political factors affecting nutrition. As well as understanding and applying the principles of nutrition, children are taught how to cook.

Therefore, our curriculum intent for Design and Technology embraces our six core values. Our children have a responsibility to push and challenge global issues around sustainability and well as a responsibility to practice Design and Technology safely. Our curriculum promotes real-life context allowing children to have a respect for where they will need their Design and Technology skills as they grow into an ever-growing technological world. Moreover, through an enhanced knowledge of social, economic, environmental and political factors around food and food production they will empathise with people across the world who are affected socially and economically. Our children are encouraged to self-challenge and use their initiative and resilience to solve problems and are expected to demonstrate integrity in the outcomes that they produce in order to explain and showcase their learning. They will embrace the importance of teamwork to evaluate their products and support each other to improve.

Our intent is to engage our children with these big ideas through use of the National Curriculum. Also, our intent is to encompass Design and Technology within other STEM subjects in order to develop children’s knowledge and skills more holistically.


We use the progression and topic content provided by the Design and Technology Association as a starting point for our projects which are then tailored to our setting. Examples of the curriculum topic overviews can be viewed via the links below. 


For further information about the Design and Technology Association, please access their website at:


Y4's Design and Technology project on electrical switches