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Art & Design

We believe that art and design knowledge and skills are crucial in providing children with the tools to explore how global issues and themes such as identity, shared humanity, difference, diversity, conflict and justice are represented in art. We hope to develop their ability to recognise different perspectives, ideas, beliefs and values. In addition to our children using art and design to represent their own ideas as global citizens, we will provide them with opportunities to learn about, and from, different cultures through handling images and artefacts.

Our curriculum intent for art and design encompasses our six core values. By the time they leave Lawn, our children should have respect for different cultures and empathise with differing perspectives on the world. Using their own initiative they will be able to use art to represent their own ideas and demonstrate integrity in the outcomes they produce. When producing artwork inspired by different cultures they will ensure that their representations present a responsible and respectful reflection. Through engaging in collective art projects they will gain an understanding of the benefits of teamwork.

Our intent is to engage our children with the global issues by using art to support cross-curricular topics which also incorporate the knowledge and skills from the National Curriculum.