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We believe that Mathematical knowledge and skills are essential in allowing children to explore patterns and formulate ideas about the world. Our maths’ curriculum aspires to provide our children with a deep understanding of the fundamentals of mathematics, which will allow our learners to apply their skills in real-life context so they can think critically about world issues and to develop an awareness of the impact our own actions can have on others. Through using real-life data our children will be able to develop critical thinking around use, presentation and manipulation of data across a breadth of global issues, including: social justice and equity, sustainable development and power and governance. Furthermore, the learners will develop their understanding of diversity and identify by providing them with opportunities to consider the influence of different cultures on mathematics.

Therefore, our curriculum intent for maths subjects embraces our six core values. By the time that they leave Lawn, our children will have had seven years of a maths curriculum that encourages them to think deeply about mathematics. Our children have a responsibility, through use of the White Rose scheme, to push and challenge themselves. Our curriculum promotes real-life context allowing children to have a respect for where they will need their mathematics as they grow into an ever-growing mathematical world. Moreover, through using real-life data, they will empathise with people across the world who are affected socially and economically. Our children are encouraged to self-challenge and use their initiative and resilience to solve problems and are expected to demonstrate integrity in the outcomes that they produce in order to explain and showcase their learning. They will embrace the importance of teamwork to collectively solve problems.

Our intent is to engage our children with these big ideas through use of the White Rose scheme, which applies the knowledge and skills from the National Curriculum. Also, our intent is to encompass maths within other STEM subjects through global citizenship projects.


For more information on the White Rose scheme of work, please follow the following link: