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Freedom & Equality

"Everybody is special." (Ruby, EYFS) 


"If someone new started in my class I would be a good friend by asking them to play." (Hector, Year 1)

"People in some places are not as lucky as me." (Monty, Year 1) 


"Suffragettes were heroes because they helped women be treated equally to men." (Harriet, Year 2)

"We should all be brave and say something when people are mean. (Anna, Year 2)


"I feel lucky to be born in a country where people can feel safe." (Rupert, Year 3) 

"It makes me feel sad that people in other countries have to leave their homes." (Isabel, Year 3)


"The Windrush Generation are proud people who helped us when when we needed them." (Jack, Year 4)
"People treated them badly because they didn't know any better." (Emelia, Year 4)


"In Victorian times, not all children had the right to a nice home and an education." (Lucas, Year 5)

"It's great that children in the UK are taken care of but not all children in the world are." (Lily, Year 5)


"I feel proud that people migrate here for better opportunities." (Leo, Year 6) 

"It makes me sad that stereotypes and racism still happen here." (Emma, Year 6) 




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