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'I like learning about the world' -Y1 child

'I feel included when we learn about my culture' -Y3 child

'The planet is really important so we need to know how to look after it' -Y5 child

We believe that geographical knowledge and skills are crucial in providing children with the tools to be able to question, investigate and critically engage with issues affecting people’s lives throughout the world. We hope to develop their understanding of global interconnectedness, interdependence and sustainable development. Important issues, such as the world climate crisis, will be taught sequentially, in different contexts, throughout our children’s time at Lawn. This will prepare them for being successful global citizens with a deep understanding of how their actions can make a difference to the future of our planet. We will engage them with real-world issues and data to support core geographical skills. Our geography curriculum will also address diversity and identity issues through the investigation of differences and similarities between people, places, environments and cultures. This will be explored through the exploration of different values and attitudes in relation to social, environmental, economic and political questions.

Hence, our curriculum intent for geography encompasses our six core values. By the time they leave Lawn, our children should feel a responsibility and have respect for their planet and the people who live on it. They will empathise with people across the world who are affected socially and economically by the geography of where they live and the environmental challenges they face. They will have the confidence and creativity to use their initiative and come up with possible solutions to some of these issues. They will regard teamwork between all people of the world as essential to its sustainability and demonstrate integrity in the outcomes they produce to showcase their learning.

Our intent is to engage our children with these big ideas which also incorporate the knowledge and skills from the National Curriculum.


Global issues linking with the themes of sustainable development and globalisation and interdependence are taught through our Clean Green World topics. These also form part of our geography curriculum and can be viewed in our 'Subjects' page under 'Global Citizenship'.  

Geography in Action!