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We Are All Unique

"I like lots of things that make me different." (Isabelle, EYFS)


"I am different to my friends and this makes me proud." (Teddy, Year 1)

"I have lots of hobbies that make me unique." (Olivia, Year 1)


"Similarities and differences make us more interesting." (Max, Year 2) 

"We can include people more by talking to them and asking them questions." (Charlotte, Year 2) 


"Our identity can be our religion, our hobby and the way we look. It's lots of things." (Seth, Year 3)

"Stereotypes are wrong. We should all be treated the same." (Saskia, Year 3) 


"People can have hidden and physical disabilities but they should still be cared for and supported to succeed." (Heidi, Year 4) 

"People with disabilities are the same as people without disabilities. We are all people." (Harrison, Year 4)


"Boys and girls are all capable of achieving the same things." (Felix, Year 5) 

"We are all unique and have the right to be ourselves." (Lily, Year 5) 


"Some of the best athletes in the world are women and they should be paid the same as men." (Olaf, Year 6)

"Stereotypes are wrong. We can all achieve what we set our minds to." (Arthur, Year 6) 

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