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Wonderdome Visit Tuesday 28th February


On Tuesday something big and peculiar appeared in our school hall. Despite looking suspiciously like the balloons we have heard about in the news recently, we were relieved to find out that FS2 and Y1 had actually been invited to a space show inside an inflatable Wonderdome.....


Once inflated the children were filled with anticipation and questions as to what this thing was that had appeared in our hall. Was it a bouncy castle? Was it a tent? What was inside? Aliens? We queued up outside the dome and two lovely ladies unzipped the dome and we stepped inside.


Inside the Wonderdome it was very dark and we felt like we were in a spaceship. The ladies inside the dome taught us all about the planets, about the stars and galaxies and also about what life is like for astronauts in space.



Some facts we learned were:

  • The moon is made of dust and rocks, just like Earth.
  • Our Earth is on the milky way.
  • The sun is a star. Some stars are much bigger than our sun.
  • Stars make constellations and there are stories about where they come from.
  • There are 8 planets.
  • Astronauts float in space because there is no gravity.
  • We also learnt how astronauts go to the toilet in space!

This was a fantastic experience for our FS2 and Year 1 children. It has especially kicked off our space topic in FS2 perfectly and our children are well on their way to becoming future astronauts.

Mrs R-G and the FS2 and Year 1 team.