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How we develop responsibility, resilience and commitment.

Mrs Hambleton and Mrs Hallam have been blown away by the quality of application and interview of the Year 6 pupils who applied for the role of PA. The children went through a process that allowed them to consider why they wanted the role, what skills and qualities that have, how they demonstrate our values and to share ideas for the role itself. The response from EVERY SINGLE ONE who applied was incredible and they were so brave, putting themselves out there! The quality of discussion really demonstrated that the future of our community is in good hands. We heard answers that spoke of flexibility, inclusivity, initiative, negotiation, ambition, compromise……WOW! It is a real teaching point for life to also have the resilience when not successful, and these wonderful young people proudly congratulated those who were successful and dug deep, knowing that another opportunity will come their way. Congratulations to those who were chosen at this time and to all those involved, we could not be prouder!