Our No-Homework Policy


We at Lawn feel that family time enhances certain key skills that your child may need to develop and is also chance to have some fun and enjoyment. Our purpose of the no homework policy is to alleviate some of the anxiety your child faces through their school life and to focus back on the value of family time. 

A fortnightly newsletter is sent out every other Friday with some key information on including:

  • An outline of what the children have been learning in Maths and English, with an example of the methods used if needed.
  • An example of the phonics or spelling rules being taught with example words. 
  • Information on what the child has been covering in other areas, for example Topic, Science, PE or RE.
  • A talk topic for the child to discuss with an adult at home.
  • A book recommendation by either the class teacher or a child in the year group.
  • Some key dates or key information.
  • Some ideas on activities the child can take part in outside school with an adult.  These may differ across the year groups.
  • ‘Non Negotiables’ for your child’s year group are always included.  These are a reminder to regularly read with your child, to work on practising spellings and times tables.

 We value your help! You can help your child by:

Reading the newsletter with your child.

Encouraging your child to take part in some of the outside school learning opportunities.

Becoming actively involved and discussing the talk topics with your child.

Making it clear that you value your child’s learning which has taken place in school and discussing with them topics covered.