School Improvements

We constantly look at the ways in which to improve the experience our children have at Lawn. 

The main priorities are displayed below for this academic year.

Headline Key Priorities for 2020-21
  • To develop outstanding strategic leadership across the school in all aspects of school life, including middle leaders, governors and non-teaching leadership, based on the principles of ‘everyone as a leader’

  • To develop the external environment to provide a variety of outdoor learning experiences, the priority being the outdoor EYFS provision to reflect the early curriculum.

  • To develop the provision for remote and blended learning.

  • To develop a new bespoke and unique to Lawn curriculum based on ‘global citizenship’.

  • To develop teaching and learning practices in English to ensure consistency, depth and accelerated progress.

  • To reduce risk for all pupils, staff and community by following government guidance during COVID-19.

  • To continue to commit to an outstanding provision for mental health and wellbeing.

  • To develop a whole school visible approach to the schools Personal Development curriculum including updating the learning behaviour policy, using ‘Learning nutrients’ to make connections between curriculum, personal development and learning behaviour.

  • To increase those achieving ‘Greater Depth’ at KS2.

  • To develop the internal environment to demonstrate the schools drive for excellence, standards of pupils and engagement in a bespoke curriculum.

  • To develop and embed systems and practices for playleaders to provide a stimulating lunch time that develops pupils’ social skills, regardless of current restrictions.

  • To embed new assessment systems and data analysis process.

  • To provide a coherent catch-up curriculum to support pupils learning and progress in light of National Lockdown.