Year 2


We would like to welcome you and your child to Year 2. We all hope that your child will enjoy their time in their new class, building on the skills and knowledge they have learnt in Year 1.

The children will have the opportunity to learn in a range of different environments, whilst striving for personal excellence. We aim to ensure that every child is successful in achieving to the highest attainment and makes good or better progress throughout the year.

This year the Year 2 team are:

    2VS Mrs Shepherd

    2CW Mrs Clarke and Mrs Wilkins

    Teaching Assistants - Mrs Hutchinson, Mrs Cordwell and Mrs Billings

Within Year 2, children will have a range of opportunities to explore and extend their learning in all areas of the curriculum. Continuing on from their learning skills they have acquired in Year 1, each lesson will challenge and ignite their thirst for learning. 

There are exciting new topics in the National Curriculum 2014 that we look forward to sharing with pupils and the wider school community as we embark on the learning journey. This year there will be a range of educational trips and visitors to enhance the children’s learning and bring it to life.

Now that the children are in Year 2, we encourage and support them in becoming responsible and independent learners. 

Our expectations are that the children take pride in their work and are proud of their achievements in all areas of school life. We look forward to sharing the successes of the year group and individual children with you.

A successful home-school partnership through regular communication is essential for the children to have a happy and smooth time in Year 2. Along with regular emails from the school, we will regularly share with you some of the highlights.

We are always happy to speak to you about any concerns you have and you can contact us after school or via email at the addresses below. We value the hard work you do at home to support your child and look forward to sharing that with you.

Mrs Wilkins -

Mrs Clarke -

Mrs Shepherd -

Below you will find our curriculum map for this year. If there are any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.