Spanish Teaching at Lawn

Spanish is taught formally in Y3, 4, 5 & 6 and informally through words and phrases in KS1.

In Y3-Y6, the class teachers use a Spanish Scheme of work to introduce the children to a new language and culture which culminates in the children hosting a Spanish Cafe after school in the summer term. 

The curriculum for Spanish this year is as follows:- 

The curriculum is delivered by a combination of class and specialist teachers through a range of games, songs and activities, allowing the children to develop skills in reading, writing, listening and responding.

Through their language learning, all children will develop their cultural understanding, for example, the different countries around the world where Spanish is spoken.

Opportunities for children to practise language skills independently at home are provided by our subscription to the Linguascope website.

Year 3 curriculum coverage:

Greetings, names, asking how you are, colours, numbers 0 – 31, asking and saying how old you are, months, days of the week, asking and saying the date, brothers and sisters, pets.

Spanish café in the summer term.

Year 4 curriculum coverage:

Saying where they live, places in town, asking for directions, rooms in the school, classroom objects, telling the time, weather, numbers 50 – 100, saying what you like and what you would like (food).

Year 5 curriculum coverage:

Revision of Year 3 topics with more complex sentence structures, the introduction of body parts.

Year 6 curriculum coverage:

Revision of Year 3 and 4 topics with longer and more complex sentence structures.