At Lawn Primary School, we aim to provide our pupils with a globally focussed curriculum based on knowledge, skills and attitudes that are relevant to the 21st century. Our ambitions for our children have been given careful consideration using feedback from our wider school community; including our children, school staff, governors and parents. Our aim is to prepare our children to be good global citizens with the belief that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to. During their time at Lawn, they will develop knowledge and skills that will equip them for making sense of the rapidly changing world in which they live and develop an awareness of the impact that their own actions can have on others. We aim to deliver knowledge rich and challenging topics, taught sequentially throughout both key stages, which will not only prepare our children for the future but also give them the desire to make the world a better place. Woven throughout our curriculum are our core values: responsibility, respect, empathy, initiative, teamwork and integrity.

Our curriculum is outward facing, setting learning in global contexts wherever possible and split into six themes:

  • Social justice and equity
  • Identity and diversity
  • Sustainable development
  • Peace and conflict
  • Human rights
  • Power and governance

These themes are broken up into two strands: knowledge and understanding & skills and are embedded within three whole school themes: ‘We are all unique’, ‘Freedom & Equality’ and ‘Clean Green World’.


Knowledge and Understanding


Values and attitudes

Social justice and equity

Critical and creative thinking

Sense of identity and self-esteem

Identity and diversity


Commitment to social justice and equity

Globalisation and interdependence

Self-awareness and reflection

Respect for people and human rights

Sustainable development


Value diversity

Peace and conflict

Co-operation and conflict resolution

Concern for the environment and commitment to sustainable development

Human rights

Ability to manage complexity and uncertainty

Commitment to participation and inclusion

Power and governance

Informed and reflective action

Belief that people can bring about change