In our Autumn 1 half term, topics are taught under the whole school theme of ‘We are all unique’, focussing on issues pertaining to identity and diversity, e.g. similarities and differences between oneself and others, self-identity and belonging, cultural diversity and the nature of prejudice. In our Spring 1 half term, topics are taught under the whole school theme of ‘Freedom & Equality’, focussing on issues pertaining to civil rights and social justice and equity, e.g. what fairness and respect mean, refugees in Britain, how rights for women and children have evolved, the civil rights movement and black lives matter. In our Summer 1 half term, topics are taught under the whole school theme of ‘Clean Green World’, focussing on issues pertaining to sustainable development and globalisation and interdependence, e.g. recycling, sustainable food, wildlife conservation and the impact of deforestation.

Some topics taught in Autumn 2, Spring 2 and Summer 2 also link to the global themes and all link with the statements from the 2014 National Curriculum.

Learning at Lawn is sequential, with prior knowledge being reviewed then built upon. Links are made between topics and subjects to deepen learning, with key vocabulary being revisited throughout school & taught in different contexts.

Our topics are supported by high quality texts to bring them to life, with reading, vocabulary, oracy and practical learning being key to our children achieving their potential. Where subjects cannot be linked with the topic, they are taught discreetly. We ensure that our six core values are woven throughout our curriculum as well as being taught, modelled and celebrated.

Our progression documents for the Global Citizenship knowledge and understanding and skills can be accesed via the links below:  

Global Citizenship - Knowledge & Understanding Progression Map

Global Citizenship - Skills Progression Map

Global Citizenship - Theme and Topic Overview

‘It is important to us to be good Global Citizens, so we understand how our actions impact on our community and the wider world. At Lawn, we are prepared for our future and know how to work to keep our planet clean, safe and a nice place to live’ (Jacob)