Value of the month

During October we will be focussing on the value of politeness and what it means to us and those around us. 

Polite people think about what they say and aim not to be rude. When you are polite you show appreciation to others in your manners, the words you use and how you behave.
We can all show we are polite (children & adults) by:

  • Showing someone you appreciate something they have done for you by saying thank you.
  • Saying please when you have requested something.
  • Doing things to help without being asked.
  • Waiting for your turn when waiting to speak and in actions.
  • Holding the door open for others and letting others go before you.
  • Please remind your children about being polite to others – at home and at school!






Lawn Values 2019 - 2020

September - Kindness

October - Manners

November - Tolerance

December - Consideration

January - Honesty

February - Confidence

March - Integrity

April - Resilience

May - Respect

June - Determination

July - Friendship