Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium is allocated to pupils from low-income families who are currently known to be eligible for free school meals (FSM). The premium is provided in order to support these pupils in reaching their potential. Pupil premium fudning is also given to school for those children who hasve recieved FSM within the last 6 years, service children, children who are within the care of the local authority, adopted or recieve special guradianship.

The Government have deployed a fixed amount of money to schools per pupil, based on the number of pupils registered for free school meals or who qualify for any of the above. The Government do not dictate how schools should spend this money, but are clear that schools need to employ strategies that they know will support pupils to increase their attainment, and ‘narrow the gap’.

Below indicates the fundng recieved for the previous financial years:

April 2016- April 2017     £70,260

April 2017-April 2018      £68,640

Arpil 2018 - April 2019    £57,020

The percentage of our pupils who are currently eligible for Pupil Premium funding in the academic year 2018-2019 is 9.4%.

Please click on the link below to see our Pupil Premium Strategy for 2018-19


During the acaademic year 2017-18 we used the Pupil Premium as follows:

Provide training for all staff on Attachment and how these issues create barriers to learning. All staff will be trained in this area and will therefore have the skills in order to adapt environments and learnign to suit individuals.

Continue providing increased hours for the Learning Mentor in order to supprt the emotional and social well-being of children within school.

Small group and 1:1 tuition, three nights a week to all PP children regardless of current attainment.

Small group and 1:1 tuition from an experienced teacher three days a week for those children who need to achieve greater depth or support to reach ARE.

Residential trips funded

School visits

Help with uniform costs

Implement an emotional well-being and mental health scheme within school particuarly for PP children.

Detailed below is the way that Lawn Primary has spent the allocated Pupil Premium money for the last 5 academic years.

Pupil Premium Strategy 2014-2015.pdf

Pupil Premium Strategy 2015-2016.pdf

Pupil-Premium-Strategy-2016- 2017.pdf