In Foundation Stage, the pupils work through the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum which is play based with short focus activities in small groups. Much of the planning for this is based on the children’s own interests.

During the Autumn and Spring terms in Year 1, this approach continues and the content of the work is gradually developed into the Key Stage 1 National Curriculum 2014 so that by the Summer Term pupils are undertaking far more class-based lessons.

From Year 2 upwards pupils follow the National Curriculum 2014 and study all the subjects thus involved. These include daily literacy and numeracy with other subjects taught across each afternoon. Subjects are integrated within year group topics where possible or taught discreetly. These include; science, religious education, history, geography, computing, music, art, D & T, PSHE and P.E. From Year 3 onwards, children are taught Spanish.

Pupils are taught phonics, reading and spelling in a manner suited to their age and ability. Phonics knowledge is screened using the National Phonics Screening Test in Y1 and Y2 if needed. Jolly phonics and phase phonics are used from FS2 upwards. 

The Lawn Primary School reading scheme is based on coloured bands and all children from FS2 to Y6 are given banded home reading books. 

All children other than those with very significant special educational needs take SATS (national tests) at the end of Year 2 and at the end of Year 6.

If you would like more information about our curriculum please do not hesitate to contact the school office admin@lawn.derby.sch.uk or click on the links to the year group pages. 

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